Data ownership and management in external collaboration groups

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Data ownership
Workplace users own their own data, including any data shared in multi-company groups (MCGs). Subject to applicable local laws, MCG members are free to agree upon the ownership of data in that MCG.
Facebook does not have any rights of ownership to the data among the members of the MCGs.
Data management
The admins of a multi-company group (MCG) can delete content, add and remove group members, and delete the group itself.
If you add someone from a different company to a MCG, their organization’s system admins can access and read all of the content in the multi-company group.
For group admins of MCGs, their system admins can delete content, add and remove group members and delete the group itself.
For groups with guest accounts, the organization that owns the Workplace manages the data for guests in their Workplace groups.
Find out more about the difference between multi-company groups, guest accounts and what happens if you enable both in your Workplace.

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