What group settings are available to Workplace group admins?

Group admins have control over permissions, posts and enabled features within their groups. These group settings are listed under five different headings on the group settings screen.
To access your group settings, click at the top-right of the group, then click Admin Options.
Set up group
The settings in this section allow you to change your group name, description, privacy settings and type:
  • Group types are a way to let others know what your group is for. Groups can be connected to a specific project, host company announcements, or be a place for social discussion.
  • Group privacy settings control who can join your group and whether it is discoverable to others on your Workplace:
    • Open groups can be found and read by anyone.
    • Closed groups have their posts hidden from anyone who isn't a member.
    • Secret groups are not discoverable through Workplace search and their posts are hidden from anyone who isn't a member.
Customize group
The settings in this section relate to optional group features like topics, shift cover and chat.
  • Website address can be changed to give your workplace group a unique URL.
  • Chat can be added to your group if you have less than 250 members.
  • Rooms can be turned on for your group, allowing your members to create and post video chats.
  • Topics allow group members to group related posts and browse popular themes.
Manage membership
Here, you can decide how you want group membership requests to be handled.
  • Who can approve member requests can be changed to give everyone in your group the permission to approve new members.
  • Who is pre-approved to join can be changed to automatically approve coworkers who belong to specific other groups. Edit this setting to search for groups to allow list.
  • Set membership rules lets you automatically add people to your group based on specific values from their Workplace profile.
Manage discussion
These settings let you choose who can post in your group and whether their posts need to be checked by a group admin.
  • Who can post gives you the option to disable group member's ability to post.
  • Approve all member posts enables you to require that all posts in your group be approved by an admin before being published.
  • Default post order lets you choose between showing the most recent posts or the most recent activity at the top of your group.
Advanced settings
The final section enables you to archive your group, as well as select other groups to recommend to your members.
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