Create and format a Note on Workplace

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You can create a Note on Workplace to write and share rich content with your coworkers. Notes can include tables, images, videos and embedded files. Notes can only be created and published from your computer.
Create a Note
  1. From your Workplace homepage, click Notes in the left panel. You may need to click See more to view it.
  2. Click + Create Note.
  3. Add a title and start writing your note.
  4. When you’re done with your note, click Share.
  5. Click Manage Audience to choose specific groups and people you want to share the note with. When you click Save, your note can be viewed by the people and groups you selected.
  6. You can Share to selected Groups or Share on your Timeline to share the note with everyone in your organization. You can add text and click Post to share your note.
You can change and set permissions for who can see your note even after you've published it. You can also collaborate with coworkers on a note.
Format your Note
Use the toolbar at the top of your note to format it.
  • Click Paragraph to select the text style
  • Format your text with Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough
  • Click to { } to add code
  • Highlight text and click to create a hyperlink
  • Click to add a table
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