Integrations on Workplace explained

Integrations connect Workplace with other tools, systems and services that you and your team use. For example:
Third party vs custom integrations
Third-party integrations on Workplace are integrations between Workplace and other SaaS tools, such as Microsoft Teams. You can see all available third-party integrations in the Integration Directory. When a system admin sets up a third-party integration, it will only be available for the groups allowed by the system admin.
Custom integrations are integrations that have been built by your organization, or by a third party on behalf of your organization. You can find out more about custom integrations on our Developers site. When your Workplace admin sets up a custom integration, they can choose to allow group admins to decide if they want to enable this integration in their groups.
Learn about integration permissions to find out what happens when you enable a custom integration, how to see which Workplace integrations have access to your information and more.
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