How do I remove recipients from a draft Safety Center message on Workplace?

You can remove individuals from a Safety Center incident as long as they have not yet been sent a Safety Center message. You may need to do this if you'd like to add most members of a large group to your message, but would like to exclude some specific individuals.
To remove someone from your draft message:
  1. After adding people to your draft message, you'll see that their names appear on the right side of the screen.
  2. Find the people you would like to remove and check the box next to their name.
    • Names are listed alphabetically. You can also search for names using the search bar above the recipient list.
  3. Once you have selected all the individuals you would like to remove from this message, click Remove and confirm your selection.
Once you have sent someone a Safety Center message, you will no longer be able to remove them from a Safety Center incident.
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