View my Workplace live video analytics

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Workplace live video analytics enables video creators and system admins to see how many people have watched or engaged with a recent broadcast.
To find analytics for a Workplace live video broadcast:
  1. Go to the group that your broadcast was live in. If you went live from your timeline, go there instead.
  2. Click at the top of your Workplace live video post.
  3. Click View post insights.
From here, you can see:
  • Video views: The number of times the video has been played for more than three seconds, including by the same person.
  • Unique viewers: The total number of unique viewers who have watched the video for more than three seconds.
  • Average watch time: The total watch time for the video, divided by the number of unique viewers.

Post analytics

Workplace live video analytics can also give you information about how coworkers engaged with your video in the different places it may have been shared.
Available post engagement analytics include:
  • Comments: The number of comments on your post.
  • Reactions: The number of reactions to your post.
  • Post seen by: The number of coworkers who saw the post for at least a fraction of a second.
  • Concurrent Viewers Count: The number of viewers during specific times of a live broadcast.
This information is available for every group in which the Workplace live video was shared, as long as you have access to that group. To change which group or timeline you are seeing post analytics for, click next to the group or timeline name.

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